Sunday, 18 July 2010

Behind the Scenes on Tee Shoot!!

I am so lame I have been meaning to update my blog with the behind the scenes pictures from the Tee shoot we did back on the 8th June with Model Lisa Duxbury (mm #1713013), Make-Up Artist Alanda Earnshaw (!/profile.php?id=100001201702484&ref=ts) and Photographer Tamryn Henn ( I have been working my arse off on the new collection of loveliness so I keep forgetting to doing it or perhaps just not fitting it in?? So I wanted to upload the images as the new collection is being shot on the 30th July with Photographer Vickie Bradley ( I am so excited about this shoot I am itching to get creative with a team of talented model, photographer and MUA. The pictures will be used for the E-shop ( but the items will also be sold in RISK Fashion, Unorthodox Shop, The Wardrobe Northampton and Leicester.

So without further ado ze images of getting all tarted up and all the touch ups...2 whole hours of it!!

Big Love

Kiran. x


Candice said...

these are really cool pictures :)
i love the makeup!

Kiran Lall said...

Thanks Candice!! Much appreciated, check out my shop at


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