Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Cecil Beaton...I think I Love You!!

So my boyfriend and I watched a documentary about 'The Bright Young People' yesterday evening and I must say it was very good...well worth watching!! Although I cannot remember the name of it...RUBBISH... it had been downloaded from bbc iplayer so I think it is probably still available. So whilst beading I was incited into the wonderfulness of the eventful lives of 'The Bright Young People'. The Bright Young People was a nickname given by the tabloid press to a group of young aristocrats and socialites in 1920s.

The Bright Young People were the real first celebrities of our time and this is where it really all began so those crappy/trashy magazines that people love so much really materialized from this group of young-uns. They all look so very immaculate and whimsical and yet so very ghost like and really quite haunting. They were always so well turned out, back then the Bright young things of London were wearing their best garms at all times and layering on the make-up (even the boys)!! There was nothing more they like to do but get dressed up and get well and truly off their faces!! I suppose it’s making the most of life right?? Anyway the documentary explains that so close after the war these people wanted to live their days as if they were there last and make the most of them so what better way to do it than get all dolled up and party with your bitches??

Anyway Cecil Beaton (1904-1980) was a photographer that rose to fame taking pictures of all of these Bright Young Thangs such as Evelyn Waugh, John Betjeman, Stephen Tennant, Beverly Nichols and Diana Mitford to name but a few. Beaton was taking pictures of them so regularly that he too became a member of 'The Bright Young People'. Anyway I am defiantly rambling on a bit now, but I just wanted to share some images of Beaton’s work as I have been reading up on him and i am quite amazed. Even back in the 20's with the limited technology he could take a picture of someone and edit the photograph to make the model appear a more beautiful, radiant. He went on to photograph icons such as Marylin Monroe, Twiggy and even The Queen Mother.

Anyway, that was probably unnecessarily informal..Hope you like the images...They are MEGA!!

Also check out the commissioned fabric line based on the1948 drawings by Cecil Beaton at

Think Anthony has now finished band rehearsal so time for a well-deserved’s been a long old day!!

Much Love People,

KIRAN. xxx


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