Friday, 16 July 2010


I have been quite neglectful to the old blog...Naughty!!

I got some images back a few days ago from my good friend and amazing photographer Tamryn Henn ( and I thought I would share them instead of just leaving them to collect dust!!

Tamryn kindly came along with me on a Lecture I took a few weeks back in my old Upper School back home. Walking into my old school was rather strange..its quite suprising how small things seem when your all grown up..HA!! The kids were all in the middle of taking GCSE Art and I went to have a little chat with them about my background and business, for example how I started and what I did to make it happen. I went through everything from degree and FMP, writing my business plan, cash flow and actually running a label/business...all very informal indeed but quite good fun!!

I found it quite rewarding as I miss teaching so I think it may be something I wish to do in the future, although it is just the case of fitting it in around my very busy schedule.

Anyway not much else to say so enjoy the Photos...


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