Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Yesterdays Shoot...

So I had a shoot yesterday with Tamryn Henn (Photographer), Lisa Duxbury ( Model) and Saranya Alanda Earnshaw (MUA & Hair Stylist)

The shoot took place in Northampton around the University of Northampton Avenue Campus and a Park called Abington Park..which surprisingly I had never been too before but shall defiantly be visiting again!!

We got to hair and make-up at about 9.30am and where just about finished 2 hours later...It always takes sooo much longer than expected! However it was worth the wait as Lisa looked hottt!! The make-up was inspired by a Andreas Larsson shoot, styled by Ann-Sofie Back back in 2006. Saranya really re-created the look well and brought it right up to date with some hot hot hot pink lipstick that I brought in good ol' Superdrug for a mere £3.69.

The shoot was quite an impromptu occasion to shoot a couple of T-shirts, some cropped tees and my signature ruffle vests for a shop order. I really wanted to get them shot before they were hanging up in the shops! So I styled them up with lots of pieces from the high street, and vintage stores to create a cool, cute and quirky set of snaps that I bloody well love!! Although we had a full day shooting, time really was of the essence but we worked out little arses off and got all the pieces shot just in the nick of time and I am so happy that we did! I am now just waiting on Tamyrn to finish editing so I can pick them up and post them on my website Although they are not the official images I have taken a few sneaky snaps with my camera...So please do enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts.

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