Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I was e-mailed by a women from the Clothes Show a few days ago and she mentioned that she loved the article on RedRock Fashion that was featured in this months 'Sew Hip Magazine'. I had no idea that the interview had been published I had been in talks with the people from Sew Hip but had not heard back for several months and had completely forgotten about it!!

So I rushed down to WH Smiths to pick up a copy and yes yes yes I was not only in the features page but also had a 3 PAGE ARTICLE!! I have had exposure for my label before but this was my first national PR...Great Stuff.. and although they make me sound a little like a bender I am very pleased with the coverage!!

If you would like to buy a copy of Julys Sew Hip its is available at WH Smiths, TESCO, J Sainsbury or you can buy it online at

Oh and please excuse the crap images I do not yet have an e-copy...Just some quick snaps with la camera.



Thera Joyce said...

I just picked up this issue of Sew Hip tonight at the bookstore. I LOVE your line. It's amazing!

Thera Joyce

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