Saturday, 12 June 2010

Perfect Lippy...

I have been on the search for the perfect opaque orange lipstick for as long as I can remember!! I have spent many monies on various lippers only to find they have a translucent appearance...Quite Shite!! However I have found a
US based brand called 'Lime Crime' with such intensely pigmented bad-ass shades such as cosmic fuchsias, buttery oranges, creme de lavender and bright pastel bright and so intense they should be edible!!

The luscious orange shade I have been so keenly searching for 'My Beautiful Rocket' is described as a pure luminous orange without those annoying red undertones!!

The brand also sells a collection Stand out from the Crowd of 'Magic Eye Dust's' with shades such as Shoe Addict, Circus Girl, Empress and Mermaid all at a reasonable price of $12.00 (£8.24)

They have some other super hot shades that would be perfect for some knock-out looks on photo shoots...and I will defiantly be using them...I'm in love...!!

Pictured is the stunning Audrey Kitching wearing Lime Crime 'My Beautiful Rocket Opaque Lipstick' pictured by Steve Prue.


Eleanor said...

wow. orange lipstick - that is so brave! :) xxx xxx

Kiran Lall said...

I know...but you have to love it!! Love your blog...I am now a follower...feel free to do the same!!

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Much Love,

Kiran. xx

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