Sunday, 13 June 2010


I Thought I would dedicate a little blog-time to the stunning New York based alternative model Raquel Reed. I have been following her work for some time now with her gorgeous pastel green hair, striking porcelain skin and doll llike features its not hard to see why!! She is an accomplished Model, Musis Artsist, MUA, and Stylist to name but a few of her many talents! She has had the opportunity to work with some amazing designers, MUA's, Hair Stylists and Photographers and created some killer images!

Athough her everyday attire may be a little outlandish for my taste you have to admire her, her style is so colourful and bright and she always looks immaculately flawless. All you have to do is google her name to be overwhelmed with uber cool images that are a real treat for the peepers, as every shoot she does is an interesting collaboration of loud colour and quirky styling. Her whimsical yet ghetto fabulous style is the reason she has been shot for labels such as 'New York Couture' and accessories brand 'The Velvet Village'. ground scene would be an amazing model to shoot and I would love to do so one day...fingers and toes crossed...HA!!

For more information on Raquel Reed you can view her work on 'MySpace'.


Anonymous said...

thanks for linking your blog on fb, i love it. i'm going to google this model pronto too, she looks alternative hot! do check out my blog if you get chance, i'll be following yours ! peace. x

Kiran Lall said...

Hey Tess!! Thanks for your kind words!! She is super hot stuff...gotta love her!

Will be following your blog...Feel free to suggest my blog to your friends.

Much Love

Kiran. xx

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