Wednesday, 14 March 2012

And the shoots keep a comin'!

So we spent our Friday having lots of fun shooting our new range of spring/ summer dresses with the gorgeous model Charlotte. Here is her model profile:

Did you enjoy the shoot? 
Yes thank you, me and Kiran couldn't stop giggling! 

What did you think of the clothes you were modelling? and which was your favourite outfit to model and why? 
The clothes were absolutely fabulous- a great way to brighten up your wardrobe with prints and girlie dresses for this Spring/Summer season. Oh my gosh I can't choose! But the yellow Marni dress did stand out to me because of the colour and the a-symmetrical cut. 

How did you come about the opportunity to model? 

I have done some for work experience and modelling for Redrock before and the designer asked me to do some more for her :) 

Have you modelled before?   Yes

What are you currently doing now, career wise? and what are you looking to do in the future? 
At the moment I am a second year fashion student- so after university hopefully I will go out into the industry fulfil my creative passion for designing.

What's an interesting fact about yourself? 
Erm that's hard... I can down a pint in 4 seconds!?

Were you aware of the brand before the shoot? 
Of course- I'm a good customer ;)

If you had to describe yourself as an item of clothing what would you be?
 A sequin  vintage dress

Choose a piece of clothing that you would recommend to our customers? 
Again the Marni dress because, not only does it show off Redrock's fabulous vintage style- it's also on trend with the a-symmetrical cut!

All of the dresses are awesome this season...our pick of the day was this beauty! Perfect for a day of shopping or for a night of dancing and cocktails :

Drop us an email to with the word 'SECRET' and we will send you a secret code for discounts on all our vintage and handmade goodies!
Damn we're good to you! 



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