Friday, 3 June 2011

Sneaky Peak of Todays Shoot!!

Today I had another shoot... My favorite thing!! The shoot was with  my good friend and photographer Tamryn Henn  ( and Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist Emma Hardware (Emma's Model Mayhem) and the lovely models were Rosie and sisters Ashley & Haley. Tamryn's beautiful little newborn Aurelia came along for the shoot too, although at 6 weeks old she pretty much slept all the way through with a few wake ups for feeding and changing!!

So Tamryn and I thought it would be a wise decision to do a little location hunt as we really wanted the shoot to be outdoors as the weather was going to be glorious and by god it was...I think I have a teeny weeny tan from all those sweltering rays (I am not complaining) it beats the shoots in the below zero climes!! Anyway on our travels we found an amazing poppy field which we decided would be perfect and it really was although the girls had to climb in and really get involved but it was well worth it as the final images look amazing.

Just got a few snappies from my phone but will have the good stuff up soon...So keep an eye out on the Facebook Page here.

Hope you enjoy,

Kiran xx

Rosie having final make-up touches done 

Haley,  Ashley, Emma & Rosie

Rosie in her first outfit...and a bouquet of poppies

Climbing through the poppy fields in heels... b r a v e

Rosie & Ashley

First Look

Rosie, Ashley & Haley trying to work it but... 27 degrees+ poppies= Bees!!

Ashley working the poppies

Aurelia's feeding time!!

Ashley in the Rebecca dress

Ashley having a break from the rays!!


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