Tuesday, 10 August 2010


So I won't waffle on as i will let the pictures do the talking as 1) I am very busy and 2) I don't really need to!!

Just wanted to share a few of the finalized images from the 30th July ( which seem a long time ago now!!) So anyway I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to leave any thoughts or comments, it would be much appreciated!

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Big Love as Always

Kiran. xxx

    Bleach Bled Tunic Vest/ Dress
    Available in Sizes S,M,L
    Price £21
    Available soon at www.RedRockFashion.co.uk

    Melange Red Cropped Tee with Gold Spandex and Leopard Print
    Available in Sizes S,M,L
    Price £19
    Available soon at www.RedRockFashion.co.uk 

    Available in Various Styles and Colours
    Prices Start from £4.99
    Available soon at www.RedRockFashion.co.uk 


Photograher: Cat Lane (www.dismantlerepair.co.uk)

Model: Chelsea Tarbox (MM #1034395)

Hair Stylist: Natalie Amodio (scissorspaperrock@hotmail.co.uk)

Stylist: Myself and Nicola Amodio (nicolaamodiofashion.blogspot.com)


Thera Joyce said...

I love everything! Especially the necklaces. They're wonderful.

Thera Joyce


Paper-Rock-Scissors said...

Looks wicked!

Kiran Lall said...

Much Love. x

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